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Memphis Grizzlies Likely To Remain Silent As Trade Deadline Approaches

As the trade deadline in the NBA approaches, everyone wants to know: what's our next move? Well, as we Grizzlies fans have become all too familiar with over the last offseason, it appears that our biggest move, as we approach the March 15 deadline, is that we're going to bring in an All-Star with a career 18 and 9 average to help out our frontline. And, the best part is, it will cost us absolutely nothing!

Yes, the most earth-shattering move we're likely to make is to sit tight and integrate our injured soldier, Zach Randolph, back into the lineup. And with that, we'll make quite the trade deadline splash. Other than that, though... It's going to be silent around these parts. Much like when we were touting the return of Rudy Gay as our major offseason move.

Seeing as we've already made a few moves this season, somewhat highlighted by the Marreese Speights deal, it's not likely that the Grizzlies will have anything else cooking. Sure, there are needs. Namely, an outside shooter and maybe another point guard, but it's hard to see anyone of significant impact donning a Grizzlies jersey before the deadline.

Then again, it would never, ever surprise me to wake up one morning and see that O.J. Mayo has been traded for... something.

It's not as if the Grizzlies haven't been talking to teams and kicking a few tires. It's just that, they seem pretty confident that this team is a "playoff noise" team with Randolph in tow.

According to General Manager Chris Wallace:

"The roster that we've had, putting Zach (Randolph) off to the side because he hasn't played in a while, can still make the playoffs," Wallace said Thursday before the Griz departed for a game tonight at Toronto. "If the playoffs started today, we're in. It doesn't mean you want to rest on that because the schedule is going to be very difficult for us the rest of the year.

"And we've talked to teams, and we'll continue to talk. The frequency of these discussions will get ratcheted up over the next two weeks. But I don't have a deal we would do today. I don't feel like we have to do a deal."

That seems perfectly legitimate to me. I don't see any reason to make a "big time" move. Not with Randolph on his way, and our team playing to its abilities -- Meaning, without Randolph, this is probably as good as we are. Yes, a shooter would help, and certainly we'd all feel more comfortable with a veteran point guard with some playoff chops to back up Mike Conley, but it doesn't mean that if those things don't happen we're not a team to be feared in the playoffs.

I'm sure we'll hear a few rumors be sprinkled across the wires between now and the deadline, but it's likely that we're not going to be all that moved by the names being tossed around. Such is life. I know that I for one, however, am pretty excited about getting a 20 and 10 guy back into our lineup for absolutely nothing!