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Zach Randolph Will Start Tonight Against the Kings

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I was thinking about how this team is finally getting "back to normal," and then it hit me. What is normal for this team? We've yet to really see what this team is made of, given that we had to deal with the Rudy Gay injury last season and only now are we getting our leader, Zach Randolph, back in the fold.

Tonight, good news all, Randolph will be moved into the starting lineup, which means are are closer than ever to normalcy. Or what would seem to be "normal." Then again, once we add Gilbert Arenas to the mix... we're back at it. Back to hoping that this, yes this team is our identity.

I think the good news is that we have more than enough time to tweak, re-work and re-think certain things. But, then again, with the success we've had, even through the bang ups and bruises, it's hard to imagine that we'd want to do anything different than what's become normal for this team.

Per Lionel Hollins:

"We're going to start Zach on Tuesday, and Mareese Speights (who had been the starting power forward) will back up Marc (Gasol)," Griz coach Lionel Hollins said. "Zach plays a totally different game than what we've been playing, but we need Zach's style."

Hollins said he told his team to "bear with me, there's some experimental things we'll be trying."

It's not the chemistry as much as it is the synergy of how much you play Zach. How much do you go to Zach? What do you do with the guys that have been carrying us?" Hollins said. "It's part of the game."

And then it hit me...

Patience. That's what's normal for us Grizzlies fans. We were patient when Rudy went down last year and we were just as patient as we awaited the return of Randolph. And here we are, with our team at full strength (so to speak). But, again, we have to remain patient. We have to wait for Z-Bo to work himself back into game shape, we have to wait to see how the team adjusts to his return, we have to wait to see how Arenas fits into the mix, we have to wait, and wait, and wait... which really has a nice feeling of normalcy, coming from a Grizzlies fan. It almost wouldn't feel right if everything just fell into place for us, would it?