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Tony Allen's Twitter Commentary Made the Knicks-Celtics Even Better

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It's been said a lot this season, but it remains true: Everything is happening crazy-fast in the NBA; games are flying by -- heck, we're past the All-Star break already -- which makes the Memphis Grizzlies three day break following the bit of business they took care of in beating the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night a virtual vacation in these condensed times. Couple that with news that Zach Randolph took part in some contact drills in practice Monday (!!!) and, well, what could be better than that as the Grizz prepare for the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night?

Perhaps it is icing on the cake then, the ways things are going, that during the Knicks-Celtics barnburner on Sunday Tony Allen took to the Twitters to deliver running commentary of the Rajon Rondo classic. And as the old saying goes, if you aren't watching Allen play basketball, you might as well be reading him tweet about basketball. The following are some of my favorites from Sunday.

The first, while it's easy to write off as a simple shot at the oft-maligned Knicks forward Jared Jeffries, is really a better sign of good teammate support, especially during tough times:

Can u believe jared jeefferies won Mr basket ball out of Indianapolis over

MacBo50 is of course Randolph, so a fair point as well as a unifying team statement with a zinger thrown in there as well. Classic, all-around solid tweet material here.

The next most likely followed a Subway commercial:

Yo mike phelps look 6 "11

According to his Wikipedia page, Phelps actually stands 6'4", which is still pretty tall if not quite the starting NBA center height that Allen saw. This is a testament, probably, to his never underestimating anyone, which has to aid his All-World defense on the perimeter.

Next, Allen falls prey to Linsanity:

LiN wit a late run!!

This followed Jeremy Lin's late three that pulled New York to within one. Not even NBA players are safe from going Linsane once in awhile.

Apparently after that, the defense got a little ragged:

Can somebody call obama 2 spend some money on defense!! In my queen latifah voice!!

Again, Allen is a premier defender who knows and cares about the craft of defending, and while I'm unsure what the Queen Latifah voice adds to this, one thing is clear: It's your move, President Obama.

Now I mean, they've definitely paid worse, right?

Espn should pay me 4 these commentating skills!!

In this next one, Allen adds a pause for faux-dramatic effect, before letting us know it was all a joke. Take it easy, everyone, and LOL once in awhile, for gosh-sakes.

He fouled dude kind of hard!! "Pause" but once blood is shed they say its war, since this the nba,, gone get down!! Just joking LoL

And finally, Allen displays his social media prowess by asking for retweets from his followers and gives the NBA a pretty sound idea regarding the uber-intense Kevin Garnett in the process:

I think they need parental advisory " when ever they put the camera on The BIG TICKET "RT" if u feel me

I feel you, Tony Allen, I feel you, and thank you. This is how a Grizzlies mini-vacation should be spent.