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Grizzlies-Warriors: Three Quick Keys to Five Straight

The Grizzlies tip in Golden State with the Warriors pretty shortly here, but before they do let's get a little list going of what Memphis needs to do (or avoid) to keep the winning streak going to five, shall we?

1. The Grizzlies perimeter defense, mainly Mike Conley and Tony Allen, need to keep the explosive combination of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry in some sort of disarray. Maybe it's just making them work extra hard for their looks, maybe it's keeping them from playing at the free-flowing pace they'd like to, but whatever it is, that duo can't have free reign around the basketball court tonight.

2. That said, the Warriors are going to score a lot of their points from the perimeter no matter what. This means offensively, we need the likes of O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay to provide some sweet shooting from the outside as well. Ellis, Curry, Dorell Wright: They just love launching jumpers from everywhere. Not to say that the Grizz need to do that, but they do need some production from distance to match.

3. Of course, Memphis, Marc Gasol, Marreese Speights, and Dante Cunningham in particular, should probably own the inside. Rebound, give them plenty of one-and-dones on their offensive side of the floor, challenge shots and provide production in terms of scoring in the paint (there should be plenty of opportunities), and Memphis will be in much better shape.

It's almost game time, folks. What should we be looking for that would help towards a Grizzlies win? What say you?

Stay tuned for the Late Night GameThread, by the way, coming very soon.

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