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Trade Rumor: Grizzlies Looking To Move Sam Young For Cap Space

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Again, there's not much going on in Memphis when it comes to the trade deadline. They're expected to remain silent, which is OK, seeing as the biggest move they're about to make is getting back a 20-point, 10-board All-Star power forward next Tuesday against the Lakers. But, then, there's this...

The latest talk is that the Grizzlies are going to look to move Sam Young in order to clear cap space and get under the tax threshold. Booooring! To be honest, it makes sense to see if you can unload him, using the $1.1 million trade exemption they received in the Darrell Arthur injury. No only haven't we really needed Young this season and his play (as well as his ankle) has been underwhelming, but it's no secret that Michael Heisley does not want to pay the tax, and clearing out Young while not taking back any contracts would clear him of that.

And while it seems as if the Grizzlies are forever trying to trade O.J. Mayo, any salary dump including Mayo would be a major blow to our team, especially since he's been the only guard who's capable of spreading the court -- aside from Mike Conley, of course. In a Mayo deal, we'd need a shooter (or a veteran point guard -- hey, who can shoot, maybe?) in return. With Young being dealt, it's a fiscal move. One that may net us a 2nd round draft pick, but nothing more beyond that.

So, while we've said it before, we'll say it again: the trade deadline around these parts is most likely going to be quiet. But, on the bright side, we do get Zach Randolph back... in return for nothing!