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NBA Trade Rumors: What Are The San Antonio Spurs Up To?

With it being relatively quiet around these parts as the trade deadline approaches, I figured we might as well check in and see what the San Antonio Spurs are up to. Naturally, with them being three games ahead of us for first place in the Southwest, it makes sense to at least keep an eye on what they might have cooking.

For some time, it seems as if the Spurs have been linked to adding a big man to help lessen the burden for Tim Duncan down the stretch and, of course, to add some extra size. Hey, who doesn't need size? The names that have been tossed around and rumored to be on the Spurs radar are both New Orleans Hornets bigs, Emeka Okafor and Chris Kaman. Both, when healthy, would make sense for the Spurs. I think the real question to consider here is, will they pay the price it might take to get a big like Okafor and Kaman?

Would they be willing to part with Kawhi Leonard to get one of those two bigs? Leonard is hardly one of those deal-breaker talents, but at the price of getting Okafor (who is currently injured) or Kaman (who has put in one 70-plus game season since 2005-06), that might be a bit too much to ask. Especially if they can't see the benefit in making a deal past this year. Kaman is a free agent after this season, so cash isn't an issue -- just that you'd be giving up on Leonard for a 3-month rental. Okafor, while talented in his own right, is owed $40 million over the next three seasons. Are the Spurs willing to take on that kind of salary? So, maybe the Hornets aren't the best trade partners for the Spurs.

Other than those names, all seems relatively quiet on the San Antonio front. There have been some rumblings of a possible deal in which the Spurs would try to pry C.J. Miles from the Utah Jazz. Not sure I see something like that happening, but it certainly makes sense for the Spurs. I just don't know that the Jazz are quite ready to move on from Miles.

You probably also have to watch out for some of buy-low veterans who can be had for pennies on the dollar. Namely, someone like Boris Diaw in Charlotte or, for better or worse, Stephen Jackson in Milwaukee.

We obviously don't want to be too reactionary here to anything that the Spurs do, but since we're chasing them, it never hurts to keep an eye open. I'm sure we'll have more updates as next week's deadline approaches.