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Grizzlies Drop the Ball to the Hornets, Lose 75-88


I don't feel like writing about this game anymore than you guys probably feel like reading about it. This game is a good candidate for one of the team's worst performances this year. While it's entirely possible that the team is gassed, there's really no reason for this kind of loss. Unfortunately, as we've seen throughout this season, the Grizzlies have a disturbing tendency of playing down to their competition. Admittedly, considering that the Grizzlies have gone into battle with almost all of the league's best teams in the past couple of weeks and come out ahead, it's probably difficult to get up for a game against one of the league's worst teams. Still, when you consider that we're in the midst of a battle for favorable playoff seeding, then there's no reason why we should have lost this game, much less by 13 points. Whatever, it's done. The less said, the better.

If there is anything to take away from this dreadful affair, is that it's been a pretty good week for the New Orleans Hornets. They have a new owner who is committed to keeping the team in New Orleans. Alongside this win, the team and its fans have to be feeling pretty good. And you know what? They deserve it. Classy team, classy front office, classy coach, classy fans. Again, they deserve it.