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Memphis Grizzlies Take Two This Weekend, Date With Los Angeles Looms


So, it appears that team SOV was asleep at the wheel this weekend, taking a bit of a vacation from the action -- at least when it came to the Grizzlies-Blazers game. I suppose our Grit 'N Grind went the way of Complacent 'N Can-We-Please-Get-To-The-Playoffs-Already? It's tough getting up for the Bobcats and Blazers, especially when both teams are in a fight for the bottom and we're in a fight for a date with the Los Angels (Fill In The Blanks).

The Lakers are pretty much locked into the 3rd seed. With one game remaining on the schedule (the Sacramento Kings) and a step on both the Grizzlies and Clippers in the tiebreaker department, it's hard to imagine them falling out of 3rd. Now, when it comes to the Clippers, this is where things get a little more interesting. The Clips have a full game on us, with two to go. Their schedule is much more daunting than ours, but, with them owning the tiebreaker over us, the Clips would have to lose both games and we would have to win out in order to get the 4th seed. Is it likely? Eh. Is it doable? Certainly.

In their final two games the Clippers have to play two playoff-bound teams, the Knicks and the Hawks. Both games on the road, on back-to-back nights. Both teams still have "something" to play for, which makes these games interesting. It's not a Lakers-Kings scenario, but then again it's also not a "Hawks/Knicks need to win to get in," type of scenario. Still, neither game is going to be easy.

As for us, we play the Cavs tonight, at home, and end the season at home on Thursday against the Orlando Magic, who are without Dwight Howard. Two games that even if we weren't playing for playoff positioning we should be able to win with our second units getting significant PT. Though, if you watched this weekend the Cavs didn't let the Knicks come in and walk all over them at home. So, not saying these are both W's, but, well, they should be.

So, while we're in the playoffs and the Clippers are more than likely going to be our dates at this weekend's dance, there's still good reason to play for the 'W' over the final two games. We might be able to play ourselves into a home-court first-round series, which would be huge for us.