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2012 NBA Playoffs Team Previews

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Our very own ForeignFlopper went ahead and reached out to all the SB Nation blogs that have teams in this year's NBA playoffs and asked them a few questions about their respective teams. Since, well, who better to give us proper insight than the guys and gal who have been around for every high, low and in-between.

We'll continue to update throughout the day as more previews come in, so make sure you check back.

Eastern Conference:

1. BlogaBull: Chicago Bulls

2. Peninsula is Mightier: Miami Heat

3. Indy Cornrows: Indiana Pacers

4. Peachtree Hoops: Atlanta Hawks

5. Celtics Blog: Boston Celtics

6. Orlando Pinstriped Post: Orlando Magic

7. Posting & Toasting: New York Knicks

8. Liberty Ballers: Philadelphia 76ers

Western Conference:

1. Pounding the Rock: San Antonio Spurs

2. Welcome to Loud City: OKC Thunder

3. Silver Screen and Roll: LA Lakers

4. Straight Outta Vancouver: Memphis Grizzlies

5. Clips Nation: LA Clippers

6. Denver Stiffs: Denver Nuggets

7. Mavs Moneyball: Dallas Mavericks

8. SLC Dunk: Utah Jazz