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Clippers Vs. Grizzlies: In Which YOU Ask A Clippers Expert the Questions


On Monday we play the Los Angeles Clippers for the second time in as many weeks, and when last we saw them I had the chance to have a little Q&A with Steve Perrin, the Managing Editor over at Clips Nation. It was fun, informative, moving, etc. Now, though, we figured that it was your turn to ask the questions you want Steve to answer. So, you know, this one's on you.

In turn, I'm going to answer questions from the Clips Nation community about our beloved Grizzlies. Sounds like fun, right?

Well, make sure to leave your questions for Steve in the comments section between now and Sunday. Have fun with it, ask what you want, do your best, try hard, etc. Just limit your "do you also hate Rudy Gay" questions to one per person (n8dogg!). Thanks!