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Boo-gate: In Which Memphis Grizzlies Fans 'Boo' Blake Griffin's Injury


Obviously it was a great, great win last night for the Memphis Grizzlies, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 92-80. And while there is plenty to talk about today (we'll have a full recap up in a bit!), between the Grizzlies inability to build 4th-quarter leads, Rudy Gay's "effort," the second-half disappearing act of our interior offense, Chris Paul's groin, Mo Williams' hero ball, etc., it seems as if the big story this morning is, as we're obligated to call it, "Boo-gate."

So, for those who hadn't seen it, let me set the scene: Late in the third quarter of last night's game, Blake Griffin took the ball to the hole, was fouled by Marc Gasol and feel to the floor holding his knee. Simple enough. Enter, "Boo-gate."


This should help explain the rest:

Let me say a few words on this incident, and then direct you to ForeignFlopper (soon!) for a heavier take: Booing any injury is classless. Chris Webber couldn't have said it any better. And I would never, ever say otherwise. The counter argument that the Clippers have been flopping like crazy the entire series really isn't all that valid -- don't stoop, be better than that, blah, blah, blah. However, I also don't appreciate anyone, not just directing this at Clippers fans, coming back at an entire fanbase and calling them "f---ing idiots" or saying things like, "the entire city of Memphis is a s---hole." Come on. Enough with that -- don't stoop, be better than that, blah, blah, blah.

Let me just say, I'll never excuse the booing, and I'll never really understand it either. And I think it's safe for me to speak for the entire community here at SoV and say that we don't, and we didn't at the time, condone "boo-gate." It is a classless act, one that doesn't define our fans and should not define this series.