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Grizzlies Fan Poll: Do You Now Root for the Clippers or the Spurs?

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With the Grizzlies eliminated from the playoffs yesterday, in what was just an awful Game 7 performance, I'm still not quite ready to come out of hibernation but I am curious. Now that the Clippers have advanced to play the Spurs in the second round, where do most Grizzlies fans turn to? Do you root for the Clippers, as a tip of the cap to the team who took us out, or will you root for the Spurs to get "revenge" on a Clippers team that knocked us out?

Or, do you root for someone else? Or, hell, no one! I can't seem to figure it out. I mean, I'm going to watch at the very least 90 percent of the remaining minutes of the playoffs, I can tell you that, but I'm not quite sure if I need a rooting interest or even if I can stomach having one. Just wanted to see where you guys fell in line.