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In Which We Play "What If...": Would the Memphis Grizzles Be the Best Team in the Eastern Conference Right Now?

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I was thinking about this last night while watching the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers engage in a game of "basketball." Now, certainly there a million factors that go into answering a question like this, but given the injuries in the East (Avery Bradley, Danny Granger, Chris Bosh, etc.) and the less than stellar play in each of the semis, I was wondering, had we been in the Eastern Conference, would we be, currently, the best team in the conference?

Again, you could probably even make the case for the Clippers being the best team in the East right now, but let's just talk about us. Would one of the four remaining teams even scare you?

Of course anytime you put a healthy LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the floor together, that's a scary sight. But their depth, or shall I say lack of depth, is just downright awful. And the Pacers, well, have been "soft," according to Larry Bird, which is exactly a recipe for disaster against a team like the Grizzlies. And, well, did you watch any of the Celtics-76ers game last night?

So, I wonder, if we were in the Eastern Conference and still alive in the playoffs, would any one of these teams scare you as a Grizzlies fan? Vote after the jump! And make sure to comment, would love to hear your thoughts.