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New Postseason Goal for Memphis: Don't Get Injured

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Despite the promise of several exciting matchups, this postseason's been brutal so far for anyone who considers themselves to be an NBA fan. Let's take a look at what's been happening around the league:

Derrick Rose--torn ACL, out for the remainder of the postseason

Iman Shumpert--torn ACL, out for the remainder of the postseason

Caron Butler--broken left hand, may play Game 3

Amare Stoudemire--(dumbass), may play Game 4

Josh Smith--strained left patella, missed Game 3

Avery Bradley--injured shoulder, uncertain for Game 4

Al Harrington--broken nose, will probably play Game 4

Joakim Noah--injured ankle (possibly a fracture), ????

Granted, this list doesn't even include the injuries that occured prior to the playoffs like Dwight Howard (out for the remainder), Al Horford (possibly back in Second Round), Jeremy Lin (possible back in the Second Round), and Wilson Chandler (out for the remainder) and the nagging injuries that guys like Ray Allen, Luol Deng, and Chris Paul are currently playing through. In other words, we're not even past the first round and this postseason already sucks. Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than to see my Grizzlies advance as far into the playoffs as possible, and if that means we're the beneficiaries of injuries, so be it. Yet, as a basketball fan first and foremost, it pains me to see a bunch of players that I like hobbling around on the floor or sitting in a suit. More importantly, each injury lessens the thrill in besting an opponent. Don't get wrong, I'm sure that the 76ers would love to knock off Chicago, but does it mean nearly as much when the Bulls are missing their best two players?

Thus, in light of all these injuries, I propose a new goal for Memphis: don't get injured. Obviously, I don't want our guys to stop diving for loose balls and just generally working their asses off on both ends, but none of us want to have to deal with another postseason of "what if's." As special as last year was for all of us, losing to the Thunder hurt just a little bit more because we all felt that the Grizzlies would have won that series if Rudy Gay had been able to play. So all I ask is that if we lose, it's because we were the lesser team, not because one of our key players was wearing a suit. Stay healthy guys.