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Zach Randolph Got a Technical For Trying to Get In Blake Griffin's Head


About last night... Well, we'll get into that later, with Marcus doing his best to compose himself (as we all are) and is working up a thorough recap of the game. It was certainly a tough loss, 101-97 (OT), as we now fall down 3-1 against the Clippers who, for reasons unbeknown to me (oh, wait, Chris Paul, that's right...), seem to know something we don't know about closing out games.

Well, the real reason I'm here is because I wanted to post video of of the Zach Randolph technical foul in the second quarter of last night's game, where he tried to goad Griffin into a fight. It seemed a little "desperate," to think that the best way to stop Griffin is to get him to throw a punch, but I think the lesson here is that Randolph was right on the money in trying to make sure Griffin didn't get too comfortable in the paint -- which, well, he did (plenty of arguments to be made about the officiating, but it's not going to be done by me...).

After the jump, take a look at the moment in question:

Again, it was one of those "smart, but not smart because you know that Griffin isn't going to lose his cool so you're basically picking up a technical foul as opposed to a non-flagrant intimidation foul that sends just as clear of a message" moments. I really do applaud Randolph for being the one to make that call. For being the toughness in a game where we seemed to go in and out of tough-guy moments. But, I'll leave the waxing to Marcus, and stick with posting the video.

Tough loss.

[video via SportsGrid]