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Recalling That One 2010 NBA Trade Deadline Offer - Chris Paul to the Grizzlies for O.J. Mayo

What if?
What if?

Was dancing around the intranetz this morning, ended up going deep into NBA article archives, and came out with something pretty funny: at the 2010 trade deadline, the Memphis Grizzlies offered a package headlined by O.J. Mayo to the New Orleans Hornets for point guard Chris Paul.

Yeah - the article quickly snuffs out the possibility, mentioning that "talks went nowhere." But still, doesn't it make you think? The guy that we've watched tear through Grizzlies defense and hit clutch shots was once given an offer to come play for Memphis.

Don't get me wrong - I value O.J. Mayo and am thankful for what he brings to the team. Arguably, if the Mayo-Paul trade happened, the Grizzlies would be a very different team now - perhaps even worse.

Regardless - it's cool to think about, and would have produced a much different Memphis Grizzlies and, honestly, an NBA League in general.

Somewhere in parallel-universed NBA land, Chris Paul is playing for the Memphis Grizzlies and beating a Clippers team led by Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph. Fantasize away.