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NBA Finals: This Heat and Thunder Shot Chart is the Coolest Thing You'll See Today


I know this isn't Grizzlies related, but, well, tonight is Game 1 of the NBA Finals, so we're all excited for one reason or another. Some are rooting for the Thunder, some against them. Most are rooting against LeBron James, some are hoping he fulfills his multiple rings prophecy. Still, some are simply watching for the commercials -- wait, people watch these things for the commercials, right?

So, to prepare you for the Finals, I figured it would be worthwhile to pass along this most amazing shot chart one could imagine, showing the efficiency of the Heat and Thunder from this season, courtesy of Kirk Goldsberry over at the New York Times.

If this doesn't cause you to waste at least an hour of your day, well, then you're way better at time management than I am. Just, don't rub it in.