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The Grizzlies Want Ray Allen, But Would He Even Want to Play in Memphis?

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It's no secret that the Memphis Grizzlies would absolutely love to have Ray Allen suit up for them next season. As the league's worst 3-point shooting team, obviously, adding one of the game's all-time greatest shooters would certainly do wonders for them. But, while Ray Allen is free to play where he chooses, you have to wonder whether or not he'd even want to play in Memphis.

Now, let me say this first; as good of a shooter as Allen is, he is 36 years old (soon to be 37) and he did miss 20 games last season due to injury. So, it's not like you're getting a spry, young shooter with tons of upside. I mean, you'd be gambling on him simply due to the fact that he is having offseason surgery on his ankles this summer.

That said, I think he'd be a great addition to a Grizzlies team that is most likely going to lose our "best" shooter this summer in O.J. Mayo. With that comes the idea that we're probably going to look to target a shooter in the draft, but as we know you can't expect the 25th player drafted this June to step in and make an immediate impact. Just won't happen.

Here are some excellent thoughts on Ray's prospects this summer from Alex Groberman of Opposing Views:

Allen will likely want to play for a championship, but it’s difficult to envision him going to the Lakers. His history with Kobe Bryant is well documented, and he likely won’t want to come off the bench to relieve Bryant in small spurts. Plus, given Mike Brown’s undying devotion to a more defense-oriented gameplan, it’s doubtful that he could even find room for an ancient Jesus Shuttlesworth on his roster.

The Bulls are an intriguing option and, if we had to put money on it, would probably be where we would bet on him landing. New York is always a possibility, but they and the Grizzlies are too far away from a championship to really intrigue Allen.

I agree with him, for the most part. I do think the Grizzlies are close, but they'd obviously need to make some moves this offseason to get them closer -- namely, sign Ray Allen!

Obviously, the Bulls seem like the best fit, considering, but they also aren't a lock to return to dominance this season, especially after Derek Rose's injury during the playoffs.

Sure, we may not be your classic front-runner to win the NBA title, but we are classified as a "win now" team. Our re-building days are behind us. But I'll accept that we're not the front-runner in nabbing Allen. I do, however, think we're a player in signing him. It would probably take some convincing on our part to get him to buy into our short-term plan, which won't be easy, but its certainly doable.

I think any meeting with Allen could start with: "If we had Ray Allen on our roster this season we would have beaten the Los Angeles Clippers. Without a doubt. So, what's up?"

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