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Metta World Peace: The People of Vancouver "Miss Their Basketball, A Lot"

Somewhat unrelated to the Memphis Grizzlies, or not, Metta World Peace (Queensbridge, represent!) was interviewed this week by, um, Nardwuar, while spending time in Vancouver. The interview was pretty interesting, I suppose, with a lot of shout outs and old school hip-hop references -- as well as some geography lessons; "Canada is above America..." -- Kobe Bryant shower scenes, etc.

The one Grizzlies-related note, though, was when Nardwuar brings up the fact that Peace was seen walking around Vancouver with a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey on -- Straight Outta!

He reps the Grizzlies hard here, though, really, he's rep'ing Vancouver, and overall this was pretty funny -- if you can get past Nardwuar. Sorry, bro.

Via Nahright