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Rudy Gay to the Bobcats for Pick No. 2: Who Would You Take?

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There continues to be speculation that the Charlotte Bobcats are willing to move the second pick in the draft for young, established players. The two most talked about players in any rumor involving the second pick are James Harden and Rudy Gay. Of course, Rudy is involved in just about any and all rumor this summer.

We've already discussed the idea of Gay being dealt to the Bobcats for the No. 2 pick, but as the draft draws near -- and this will most likely only turn into an exercise in worthless speculation -- I wanted to see who the SOV community would take if they had the second pick in the draft.

Of course we know that Anthony Davis is going to New Orleans. Done deal. From here, there seems to be 4 players in the mix for the second pick. They are: Thomas Robinson (PF, Kansas), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF, Kentucky), Bradley Beal (SG, Florida) and Harrison Barnes (SF, North Carolina).

Now, I really like Thomas Robinson, from what little I've seen of him, but in terms of "need," he really doesn't fit. After that, I think it gets interesting.

Kidd-Gilchrist is referred to, by some, as the second best player in this draft. And with Gay gone he'd fit a need at SF, providing great length, size and athleticism. The one concern may be that his offensive game isn't as developed as guys like Beal and Barnes, and with Rudy Gay gone we'd definitely need to find a way to make up for what we lose in his offense.

Beal and Barnes can both provide wing scoring and, more importantly, some outside game. Barnes, as a SF, could probably even step in and start for the Grizzlies in his rookie season, whereas Beal would likely come off the bench and replace O.J. Mayo as the team's top scoring option in the second unit. Both would fit needs.

Again, I know this is speculation and the likelihood of this deal happening is pretty close to nil, but I thought it would be interesting to see who you guys would want with the second pick, if we got it.