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The Miami Heat Are Your 2012 NBA Champs: Tell Us How You Really Feel, Grizzlies Fans

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"I'm tired, baus."
"I'm tired, baus."

The 2012 NBA season -- aka, the season that may never have been -- is now officially over, with the Miami Heat being crowned the league champs, defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.

Now, look, there's a lot going on here, right? As a Grizzlies fan, you probably didn't want to see the Thunder win the title. Right? Though, you can look at it two ways -- they are, really, our rivals, so, boo.... However, you respect a team that beat you, or beat out your division to get to the Finals, thus, the champion came from within. A stretch? Probably more poorly worded than a stretch, but some Grizzlies fans were rooting for the Thunder because they were the Western Conference champs. Others were rooting against them because, well, they beat us.

On the other side, there are a million-plus LeBron James haters out there, so how could you possibly root for him to win a championship? Plus, a handful of Eddy Curry haters as well. However, there are those who respect LeBron's game, the mother-f'ing amazing season he just had, and the fact that he's pretty much atoned for his "sins." So, watch the best, appreciate his game.

With that, I wanted to open the floor this morning, with the hopes that we'll get some Grizzlies fans to provide perspective on the season, the Finals, the "Not 1... Not 2... Not 3..." of it all.

I'm sure we can get some sort of conversation going, right? I mean, the 2011-12 NBA season is over! We owe it to this past season to at least send it off properly, no?