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NBA Draft: Tony Wroten to Workout for the Grizzlies on Monday

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Happy Tony Wroten workout day, everyone! Yes, today the Grizzlies will get a good look at Wroten, the 18-year-old point guard our of Washington.

There's plenty to like about Wroten, especially his size -- he stands at 6'6" and is long -- as well as his ability to see the entire court, distribute the ball, and get out on the break. The major concern, however, is that he doesn't have a very good jumper and is a poor free-throw shooter. Sure, those are two areas we are looking to improve on this summer, but... that doesn't mean he should be overlooked. Rajon Rondo, anyone?

Many mocks have Wroten falling to the Grizzlies at No. 25, including Chad Ford's latest on ESPN, however, he has been getting some buzz going as high as No. 21 to the Celtics are even at No. 23 to the Hawks.

I'll admit I'm pretty interested in seeing how he performs today. It seems as if Wroten, along with Marquis Teague -- who will workout for the team tomorrow -- Draymond Green and John Jenkins are the most buzzed names right now at No. 25. Evan Fournier, from France, is another option, but it seems as if the buzz about him has died down a little.

Then again, this may all be for naught if the Grizzlies decide to move the pick and/or make a deal, possibly involving Rudy Gay, to get up into the lottery. Hey, anything is possible!