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SB Nation NBA Bloggers 2012 NBA Mock Draft

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The SB Nation NBA team bloggers took some time to complete a first-round mock for Thursday's draft. Now, the only rule is that you can't make trades, which makes sense since, well, this thing would have been nuts if we were all allowed to move our picks. I think the only team content with its draft position is the New Orleans Hornets.

Here's a look at who I took at No. 25:


The Grizzlies head into the offseason with a few needs, one of which is depth at the point. I know they might prefer grabbing Tony Wroten here at 25, but since he's off the board they can turn to Teague who will provide a nice second unit floor general, if you will. His quickness will fit in nicely into the Grizzlies desire to get out in the open court. The catch here, though, is that while Teague has a pretty high ceiling, he's not necessarily NBA-ready. And with this team looking to continue its run as a near title threat, they're going to need him to step in right away and help take the burden off of Mike Conley. Still, if he can get it figured out sooner rather than later he can be a serious second unit threat.

I think our community might be pretty happy with that pick. Tony Wroten, Jr., was gone, so he wasn't even an option. I thought about Draymond Green and also considered Quincy Miller, but I think the need of getting a backup point guard -- who also happens to have a ton of upside potential -- just made a lot of sense.