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What's Your Favorite Olympic Moment?

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With the 2012 Summer Olympics on the horizon, we were asked by the SB Nation folks to put up a post on what our all-time favorite Olympic moment is. Now, when I think about the Olympics two things come to mind. First, the '92 Dream Team. I mean, that was the greatest basketball team to ever walk on this planet. Hands down.

Secondly, when I think about the Summer Olympics I can't help but replay this moment in my head:

BOOM! Vince Carter dunking over the "great" Knicks draft pick Frederic Weis. Man, how can you not love that moment. The reaction was great, the dunk was possibly one of, if not the greatest ever, and it happened during the Summer Olympics, which means, well, U-S-A! U-S-A!

Of course there are a million other great moments, so we wanted to take the moment to have you share your favorite Olympics moment with us after the jump. Or, hell, just hop after the jump and tell us who the Grizzlies should draft. Either way, we're always looking for ways to break the silence in our community.

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