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SI: Grizzlies' Draft, Offseason Outlook Guarded

He would like some point guarding help. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
He would like some point guarding help. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Sports Illustrated's Britt Robson wrote up an always-insightful piece on how the summer looks for each and every NBA team. With the NBA Draft coming Thursday, a night that could see the Memphis Grizzlies looking to add immediate help at either guard or perimeter-based position, Robson's view, as one can gather from the forthcoming blurb, of the Grizzlies' offseason issues trends in the same guard-oriented direction.

Even if Mayo, the team leader in three-pointers made, returns, Memphis is still short on perimeter shooting to help space the floor for Randolph and Gasol down low and Gay on the wing. Another area of weakness is backup point guard, where Gilbert Arenas struggled behind Conley last season.

This won't come as much in the form of a revelation for anyone who spent any time with the Grizzlies over the last few seasons, but the obviousness of the situation adds a bit of pressurized intrigue to Thursday's draft. It all depends on who's available when the 25th pick comes around, or if something less expected -- in the form of a trade, perhaps -- materializes on Thursday; and, clearly, all we can do is speculate until then, but there should be a point or shooting guard available late in the first round that the Grizzlies will likely strongly consider.

After the jump, a mock draft and more on the Grizzlies' decision towards a direction come Thursday night.

According to SI's Sam Amick and his latest Mock Draft, Memphis would select Kentucky freshman point man Marquis Teague, citing the need for a backup to Mike Conley and "an appetite for help at the position." Teague is one of the many options that could be available, and Thursday night will be the beginning of the Grizzlies' offseason of retooling and tweaking an already pretty darn good product.

The core is intact, yet there remains rather clear spaces to fill and/or improve upon in Memphis. The need for more production from the perimeter is one of those. The direction, however, in which the Grizzlies can, could, and will pursue filling that void, if they do at all -- again, you never know who will be available or what could shake down on draft night -- will be the interesting part. The options appear likely to be available, all that's left is for the Grizzlies to choose a path, take it, and hope for the best.