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The Grizzlies Can't Be Serious About Giving Adam Morrison a Look, Can They?

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This story has "WELP" written all over it. I mean, it's not that I'm opposed to giving talent a look, but can the Grizzlies be serious about actually giving Adam Morrison a look this summer?

Well, since they did bring him in as part of a group workout, I suppose you can say they are indeed serious. What the what? To be fair, all reports are that Morrison played well in his Brooklyn Nets workout several weeks ago, so I suppose this isn't as gimmicky as it seems on paper. You can say he, I guess, he actually played his way into this workout.

Morrison's resume is much more impressive than his game, having been the 3rd-overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft and also having two NBA Championships to his name, with the Los Angeles Lakers. Morrison, though, has been out of the NBA for the past two seasons, playing in Europe, but now he's hoping to make a comeback. Good luck with that. It's hard to imagine there's much room for a terrible defensive scorer who shot 37% over his career and averages just over 7 points per game. I mean, that's terrible.

Per Ron Tillery:

"I understand I'm never going to shake being a 'bust' or being a failure in some people's eyes," Morrison told reporters at that time. "I've experienced a lot of highs in basketball so I guess you could call it a hardship but it's really not. I get to play basketball for money. That's pretty good."

Well, yeah. But there's nothing like being a part of the Eddy Curry "money for nothing and your rings for free" All-Star team that really turns people off.

Look, I wish him well, and to be honest, if he could truly help this team on the court I would absolutely welcome giving him a serious look. However, I'm a bit skeptical at this point. I mean... This guy?