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NBA Draft: Grizzlies to Workout Marquis Teague Today

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While yesterday was Tony Wroten's turn to impress the Memphis management with his many, highly impressive skills, today it's Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague's turn to make his case.

To be honest, both point guards offer up two totally different skill sets. Wroten stands about 4 inches taller than Teague, at 6-6, and is considered arguably the best passer in the draft. Teague, on the other hand, is a much, much better offensive player than Wroten. He's also super quick and athletic, but his size isn't nearly as impressive as Wroten's. Which, as they say, is something you can't teach.

As for Wroten's performance yesterday, all indication is that he looked highly impressive. The conversation, of course, swayed toward his ineffective shooting, but the Grizzlies seemed none too concerned about his jumper. They insisted that it was something they could fix, and given what else he can do on the basketball court, not having a smooth, fluid jumper isn't going to mean he's any less valuable to this team. Tony Allen, anyone?

As for Teague, today he's certainly going to have to bring his 'A' game. It would seem, just from feeling out the mood of the team, that the Grizzlies are narrowing their focus to Teague and Wroten. While it's no guarantee that either will be there at No. 25, if one or both are, expect one of these two points to get the call. But, who will it be?

Teague and his more developed offensive game or Wroten and his size? I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with either, though at this point I might be leaning toward Wroten.

Your move, Teague!