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NBA Rumors: Should the Grizzlies Give Brandon Roy a Look?

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, recently unretired shooting guard Brandon Roy is receiving a lot of interest lately, with the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves as one of his suitors.

Roy announced he would be making a comeback after retiring before the 2011-12 season due to chronic knee injuries. Roy's recovery has been going well. Tony Wroten Jr. first noted that he looked great during a workout with him and his knees are fine. Roy will also be going under therapy with his knee that helped extend the careers of Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady and Alex Rodriguez.

However, with that in mind, would the Memphis Grizzlies take a chance on the 27-year-old?

Roy was really solid when he was healthy back when he was with the Portland Trail Blazers. It's unlikely that he will return to them, but teams like the Pacers and Grizzlies have a great shot.

The Pacers have Kevin Pritchard, who used to be the GM of Portland during Brandon's playing days with them. The Minnesota Timberwolves are already set to offer a two-year deal. The Mavericks could use a guy who could fill in for Jason Terry when he retires, or if he leaves during this year's free agency. The Bulls like him because they need help at shooting guard and help the backcourt that will be without Derrick Rose for the first few months of the season.

But should the Grizzlies take their shot on him?

I think they should, but only for this one reason: if they're unable to bring back OJ Mayo. Mayo is an restricted free agent, so we do have a good chance of re-signing him. However, the Grizzlies have maxed out on signing their players and go for more than $5 million to re-sign Mayo.

In my opinion, I see Mayo leaving to get more cash elsewhere or may think he has a better chance of winning a championship elsewhere. Whatever the deal, we aren't going to overpay him the slightest bit.

Which is why I think we should get Roy. Roy can sign a deal with the Grizzlies for a good price. He seems to be back to his old self if everything goes well. He would provide instant scoring off the bench and would be a solid sixth man for Memphis.

I think he would be a great fit, especially if the Grizzlies can draft Marquis Teague on Thursday in the Draft. We'll see how it goes, but I like Roy as a fit.