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Memphis Grizzlies Fans: What's Your Favorite Sports Highlight?

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I know we're all prepping for Thursday's draft, but I figured there would be no better time than now to post something non-draft or non-Rudy related -- [You, internally: "makes sense, idiot"]

We SB Nation NBA blogs were asked to partake in something fun -- well, depending on your team, of course. We were asked to put up a post on our favorite sports highlight, period. Naturally, I wanted to post something Grizzlies-related since this is who/what we care most about in these parts. And I got to thinking... what is my favorite Grizzlies highlight? I mean, there are so many to choose from, in a sense, but so few significant moments. Right? I couldn't possibly say that Zach Randolph hitting a game-winner in regular season Game #27 against the Phoenix Suns was my favorite highlight, could I?

We're a team with one playoff series win in franchise history! And then, it hit me. My favorite highlight was, well, this:

Sure, I may be cheating by saying an entire game was my favorite highlight, but... think about it. It was absolutely our best team effort. Even as the Spurs pulled within one point late in the 4th quarter, we fought. Zach Randolph played like a monster, with 31 points and 11 rebounds. Darrell Arthur was fantastic. Tony Allen was absolutely gritn' and grindin'. It was just, an amazing moment. One that really lifted the franchise and its fanbase to a point where we actually starting talking about ourselves as title contenders. Yes, title contenders!

So, there it is. My favorite Grizzlies "highlight," and I know it's "too easy" of a moment, but it meant the most to me. Much more than pulling out one awesome dunk or game-winning regular season shot.

SoV community, feel free to maybe agree or disagree, but if you have a particular highlight that sticks out, feel free to post in the comments.