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Report: Memphis Grizzlies Looking to Sell First-Round Pick

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This is just, well, ridiculous. According to's David Aldridge, the Memphis Grizzlies are looking to sell their first-round pick, No. 25, to a team who does not have a first rounder in this year's draft.

He went on to write in his latest mock draft:

The Grizzlies are expected to sell this pick to one of the teams that currently do not have a first-rounder, like New Jersey, San Antonio or Utah.

Yeah, well, I have no idea why they would do that. And let me say this; I don't think Aldridge is getting misinformation. I mean, he's one of the best at what he does. I think he's hearing "things" coming out of the Grizzlies camp and, well, these are things I don't think should be spoken.

How can you go and sell your first-round pick when you're looking to save money? Seriously. At this slot, the Grizzlies can get a backup point guard or a shooter or, in Aldridge's mock, a power forward with tons of upside in Arnett Moultrie. Don't get me wrong, the 25th pick in this draft isn't going to make you a title contender next year on his own, but then again neither is $1.5 million in cash considerations. That will do nothing for this team.

Could you make the case that moving this pick for two second rounders -- not saying I heard this -- like, say, to Cleveland for picks 33 and 34, instead, if you don't like who might be available at 25? Sure. But to outright sell the pick is just, well, wrong.

This is the wrong message to send because you are proving to be inefficient in this instance. Find someone as talented as Tony Wroten or Arnett Moultrie or Marquis Teague or Draymond Green on the free agent market who will make a difference on this team and sign at about $1.5-1.8 million per over the next four years. It can't be done.

Again, I'm not saying there's any truth to this report, nor am I able to flat-out deny it. Aldridge isn't one to simply pull these things out of his ass. The fact, however, that we're here talking about such a ridiculous notion only makes me fear that this summer is going to be a looooong one.

"Dear Brooklyn, we'd love to match your offer 5-year, $60 million offer to O.J. Mayo. Love, the Grizzlies."