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Your Stupid Lakers-Grizzlies Trade Rumor of the Day, Courtesy of Peter Vecsey

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Here we go again. Yet another ridiculous trade rumor, this time via the late great NY Post's NBA scribe Peter Vecesy. Check it:

Your "Scoop Du Jour," ladies and gentlemen. Now, again, we've discussed at great length why this deal would not work for the Grizzlies, so I'd rather not go into it again. There are far too many reasons. I just figured we needed to post this because, well hot damn, Vecsey is a seasoned NBA rumor hag who at times has been known to get things right, while at most other times he's simply known to be a mean-spirited dick.

With that said, here is your Pau Gasol-Zach Randolph ridiculous trade rumor of the day, courtesy of a mainstream NBA columnist. But, remember, it's NBA Draft day, which means it's time to go hunting for re-tweets and page views. Hooray!

On a more productive note, please enjoy this SB Nation NBA Draft preview: