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Report: Grizzlies Looking at Royce White, John Jenkins; Heisley Looking to Trade Pick

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We have a new update on where the Memphis Grizzlies just hours out from the 2012 NBA Draft. Strangely enough, they are talking about possibly drafting someone who not only didn't workout for the Grizzlies but who most likely won't be available at No. 25.

According to Ron Tillery:

Less than 5 hours before draft starts. Here's the deal w/ Griz: Execs with owner's ear pushing Jenkins and White. Heisley prefers trading 25

No surprise there on Jenkins, since we've heard his name associated with the Grizzlies all along. But the White pick is a bit of a head-scratcher. White had cancelled his workout with the Grizzlies, and, if you follow the mocks, isn't expected to be there when the Grizzlies select. I mean, we've already heard that the Celtics had given him a promise at No. 21. How true is that? Who knows, but there are plenty of teams in the 18-24 range who seem like they're high on White.

As for trading the pick, yes, it's true. But, there's a big difference between selling the pick and trading it. I can see them trading it to get two early second rounders so that they can try and get Jenkins or English or a few of the other guys they really like. That way they're not married to the slot money at No. 25. However, there doesn't seem to be any change they walk out of tonight's draft empty-handed, which is good.