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NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies Select Tony Wroten at No. 25

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We got our man! Well, at least I'd like to think we got him. For some time now, I know that a fair amount of the SoV family was on #TeamWroten, hoping the Grizzlies would take Washington point guard Tony Wroten with the 25th pick.

Well, be careful what you wish for, right? The Memphis Grizzlies did in fact take Wroten with the 25th pick, in a draft where we saw plenty of "options" fall to us late in the first round.

The early word was that the Grizzlies were looking at Royce White (14th) and John Jenkins (23), but neither was available at 25. So, they turned to one of their biggest needs and took a backup point guard with tons of potential, passing on guys like Perry Jones III and Arnett Moultrie.

For now, I leave you with ForeignFlopper's analysis on Wroten -- great scouting report. We'll have more on Wroten over the coming days.

Welcome to Memphis, Tony! Grit and Grind!