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Grading the Memphis Grizzlies Draft: Tony Wroten, Pick 25

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Now that we've all had a chance to sleep on last night's draft, it's time we ask: How do you really feel about the Memphis Grizzlies drafting Tony Wroten at No. 25?

Me, I'm still a member of #TeamWroten and a fairly big fan of this pick -- not quite on the level of ForeignFlopper, but he's got a better eye for college talent than I do, so that's probably a good thing -- for Tony, at least.

I can't help but think about what he'll add to this team in terms of his play-making abilities, his athleticism, his defensive presence, his energy, and most important, his Twitter account!

From my point of view, we drafted on someone who fits into our system, as someone who can play both guard positions, and, most importantly, as a piece to solving our problems -- not the one and only answer to them. Let's not forget, there's plenty of time for the Grizzlies to make moves, which they will, and I guarantee they'll add a shooter, possibly two, and another point guard, maybe, to go along with Wroten. So before we go and say things like, "he doesn't solve our problems," we have to remember...

He's a piece, not the whole pie.

Let's take a look at what we know about Tony Wroten, just hours after he became property of the Memphis Grizzlies.

On Wroten's position:

"Point guard in time," means, he's a combo guard. He's in the Russell Westbrook school of point guards -- the, "5 years in, are we still calling him a point guard" class. Which is OK with me. The game is changing, and to be honest it's probably a nice complement to Mike Conley's game to have a change-of-pace point guard come in, run the ball and play a little lock-down defense. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that.

What I like about Wallace's comment there is that it's clear that they are going to be players in the free agency market. They aren't going to sit on their hands and just count their bankroll. Though, they could have added a shooter in the second round... dot, dot, dot.

On Wroten's skil-set:

Again, this is everything we've said about him: great playmaker.

On his defense:

Grit and grind. This is exactly the kind of defensive-mided player we "need." I mean, doesn't that sound like Tony Allen? You can never have enough guys who take defense "personally," as far as I'm concerned.

Here's probably my favorite take, not necessarily on Wroten, but on the Grizzlies' draft, by Chris Herrington:

If Wroten is an intriguing, promising, but potentially troublesome selection at #25, the Grizzlies' ultimate lack of activity in the second round was more disappointing. With several prospects the team seemed to like falling into the second round — Draymond Green, Jaw Crowder, Kim English — it would have made sense to try to buy a pick.

Excellent point. Thought we should have bought a second-rounder. Would have been a cost-effective way to improve our roster.

In all, I think the Grizzlies deserve a... A- for their draft efforts. Of course we're going to follow the career of Perry Jones III and see if we made a mistake by passing on him, and we'll continue to wonder why the Grizzlies didn't pony up and buy a second round shooter in this draft, but I think when you can leave a draft saying you took the "best available" player at No. 25, that has to be a winning draft.

What do you guys think?

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