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With the NBA Draft Behind Us, What's Next for the Memphis Grizzlies?

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We got Tony Wroten. That much we know. Still, it seems, according to "sources," the Grizzlies are in the hunt for a veteran backup point guard. There are some interesting names out there. Guys like Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, Jason Kidd, Ramon Sessions, etc. But it might be more likely we look at someone like a Ronnie Price or maybe a Kirk Hinrich -- a low-salary young guy or a veteran with a reasonable price tag who we can sign to a one- or two-year deal. The pockets just aren't deep enough to get a big-name player, really.

The other option is to make a deal, whether it be a sign-and-trade with O.J. Mayo. That might bring us a point guard, but, really if you're going to s-and-t Mayo you probably want better than a backup point guard in return, right?

A third option is to see if Toronto does indeed amnesty Jose Calderon, then maybe we can get him at a somewhat reasonable price since he'll be getting a $10 million check just to walk away from the Raptors. Hey, maybe?

There are plenty of options at the point, but I think with Tony Wroten now on the team the biggest need shift to finding shooters.

One option, as suggested by ForeignFlopper, is to look at un-drafted free agent rookies. One name that he suggested is William Buford, out of Ohio State. Buford is not a high upside guy, as was evident by his name not being called in the draft, but he does have value and could carve a nice place in the league as a shooter. He has nice range, hitting 1.6 threes per game as a senior on 36% shooting from downtown, and he has a good basketball IQ. Draft Express says that the best-case scenario on him is Gary Neal. Not bad, and certainly a nice need for us.

There are a handful of free agent rookies they can look at, including Drew Gordon, J'Covan Brown, Scott Machado, and Tony Allen's favorite player, Henry Sims. I still think Buford might be the best option, but still, interesting prospects.

Of course the other option here is to make a trade. Obviously a sign-and-trade deal is possible with Mayo, but I think the Grizzlies are open to hearing any other deals on ALL players not named Marc Gasol. Yes, I think they'll listen to deals on Zach Randolph and they'll certainly consider any trades for Rudy Gay, but that doesn't mean either will get dealt.

We'll also give serious consideration to the likes of Ray Allen (probably won't happen) and Nick Young, two of the best jump shooters available, but I think a more likely candidate will be someone like Carlos Delfino. Someone who can play multiple positions and, yes, shoot the three. The concern with him is that he's had a hard time staying healthy over the last three seasons. However, that may only mean he can be had at a discount, seeing as teams might be scared off my his health issues.

The power rankings, though, as far as I'm concerned are as follows:

1. Shooter

2. Shooter

3. Veteran point guard

4. Hamed Haddadi


Who are you guys interested in looking at this summer?