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Memphis Grizzlies Add Terrance Henry to Their Summer League Roster

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The Grizzlies have added Mississippi senior Terrance Henry to their Summer League roster, according to Henry.

I can't say I know all that much about Henry, but from what I'm reading on him he's a NBA-tweener who can play either SF or PF, and he has a nice jumper and decent range, which obviously is a major need for us this offseason.


More impressive is his combination of length, body control, and touch when attacking the rim off the bounce, which he leaned on throughout the season to overcome solid on-ball defenders in the SEC ... Great elevation for a player his size, as well as very fluid/agile ... Willing passer that knows which spots to find bigs and when to get them the ball in a possession ... Solid FT shooter ... Size and quicks to defend both wing spots in the NBA.

They go on to say that one of his weaknesses is that he may be "too smooth." I always thought you can never be too smooth, but, I suppose when you're 6'8" and aren't a very good rebounder, you can make the case that he doesn't play up to his size.

Please feel free to weigh in on Henry, as I don't know all that much about his game. For now, let's just give him a welcome to #GrizzNation and hopefully we'll get a better look at him this summer.