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Will the Memphis Grizzlies Pursue Kirk Hinrich This Summer?

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Obviously the Grizzlies are still in the market for a veteran backup point guard, as is evident by GM Chris Wallace's remarks after the draft. Which got me thinking, and eventually led to a piece yesterday where I wondered on paper this here site who might be a possible target to backup Mike Conley.

With names like Steve Nash, Goran Dragic, Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, Ramon Sessions, etc. all either out of our price range or likely to pursue more marketable (see: New York/Brooklyn) employers, I mentioned it was likely that our target will be a low-cost, one- to two-year-contract-type veteran whose, how do I put this... best days are behind him. Enter, Kirk Hinrich.

Don't get me wrong, Hinrich isn't quite on his Jason Kidd last legs, seeing as he's just north of 30 years old (31 years old, to be exact), but it is true that his starting days are well behind him. Thus, he'll probably be looking for employment somewhere where he can put in the minutes off the bench and be of value to a team making a win-now push for a championship ring. Enter, the Memphis Grizzlies.

I don't think Hinrich will come cheap, seeing as he is coming off a contract that paid him over $8 million last season. While that's certainly not his market value this summer, you can be assure that he probably doesn't think he's a $2-3 million player just yet, right? So the Grizzlies may just have to open up their wallets a little wider to get him.

They'll also have to compete with the Chicago Bulls who are in the market for a point guard to hold down the fort until Derrick Rose returns from injury. And, apparently they have plenty of interest in signing him. Competition, people.

Just this morning, though, Geoff Calkins of the Commercial Appeal seemed pretty keen on the idea of the Grizzlies pursuing Hinrich this summer. He wrote:

As for point guard, one intriguing possibility might be Kirk Hinrich, who Griz owner Mike Heisley is familiar with from Hinrich's days with the Chicago Bulls.

That's an interesting connection there, but as we know, you can be a "Heisley guy" but that doesn't mean you can work your way into his wallet.

Calkins also went on to mention the possibility of the Grizzlies looking at Victor Sada, a 28-year-old point guard for FC Barcelona and good friend to Marc Gasol. Not sure how I feel about that, but... it's certainly a cheaper option, that's for sure.

Either way, I think Hinrich is in the picture, but, again, it's all going to come down to, yup, cash-money. If they can get him down to the $2-3 million range, he's definitely worth getting in here. If it goes any north of that, we might have to pass. We just have too many other needs -- shooters! -- to be spending most or all of our MLE on one player.