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Some Projections for the Grizzlies' 25th pick


Right now, myself and Kevin (with special guest Marcus) are churning away at our latest edition of the SOV Dialogues, the topic of which is the Draft. As something of a preview, here's a list of who many of the mocks have the Grizzlies selecting with the 25th pick. Naturally, as we're fairly early in the process, there's nothing close to consensus. It's also important to keep Steve Van Horn's point in mind: there's a difference between predicting what teams will do based on rumors, workouts, talking with executives, etc. and predicting what teams should do. Onto the results: (Scott Howard-Cooper)--Terrence Ross SG, Washington

Draft Express--Tony Wroten PG/SG, Washington Teague PG, Kentucky

SBNation (Tom Ziller)--Marquis Teague PG, Kentucky (Sam Amick)--Marquis Teague PG, Kentucky

ESPN (Chad Ford, need to be an Insider)--Evan Fournier SG/SF, France

All of the mocks are pretty much in agreement that the Grizzlies will be looking to add depth at the 1 or 2 on Draft Night. Based on the early projections, Teague would seem to be the most likely candidate. He's basically a similar player to his brother in that he's a scoring point guard with a great stroke, excellent athleticism, and suspect court vision. With a player as athletic and skilled as Teague, it's entirely possible that his stock will rise during the combines and team workouts. Chad Ford and Draft Express have him going earlier than 25th with the Nuggets grabbing him at the 20th spot.

Wroten is similar to Teague in that he's also a ball-dominant combo guard, but his style is completely different. He has almost no jumper to speak of, but has great size for his position and is good at powering his way to the rim (he's also an excellent positional rebounder). Wroten is projected all over the place. Ziller, Howard-Cooper, and Amick have him going to either the Magic at 19 or the Nuggets at 20, Ford sees Atlanta taking him with the 23rd pick, and NBADraft has him in the second round.

Unless Scott Howard-Cooper knows something everyone else doesn't, I'm not inclined to take his projection seriously; Ross is projected as a lottery pick by NBADraft and Amick, and the others have him going immediately after the lottery (15 to the 76ers, 16 to the Rockets, or 17 to the Mavericks); it would seem highly unlikely that he falls all the way to 25.

Fournier is a bit of an odd pick for the Grizzlies. It's unclear whether he would come over right away--Ford has us selecting him so that we could stash in Europe for a few years, something that makes no sense for a win-now team that will be in need of role players--but it's generally agreed that he's worth a pick somewhere in the 20's. The projections are pretty much split in whether he'll be available when it's Memphis' turn. Regardless, he fills a need as he's capable of playing at the 2 or 3.