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SB Nation NBA Bloggers Offer Trade Proposals For Rudy Gay


If you've been following the Rudy Gay trade talks it seems as if every team is in the mix. Even if they already have an All-Star small forward, no cap space, no interest in bringing on $50-plus million in contracts over the next three years, and an absolute hatred for anyone from UConn. Still, the rumor-mill has yet to count anyone out.

So, it got me thinking. Since everyone wants Rudy Gay, according to the Internet, I went and reached out to the entire SB Nation network of NBA bloggers and asked each team what they'd be willing to part with in order to get Rudy. There were plenty of interesting offers, some of which I think Grizzlies fans would be willing to pull the trigger on.

With that, keeping in mind that everyone wants Rudy, here are some of the offers we received...

Nate Timmons, Denver Stiffs:

With Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, the Nuggets likely have no interest in Rudy Gay ...

[Ed.: Welp.]

Tim Allen, Canis Hoopus:

There have been rumblings on Canis that a Derrick Williams + #18 for Gay would be a good deal for the Wolves.

Steve Perrin, Clips Nation:

Just to give you more things to talk about, I'll throw out Mo Williams and Caron Butler for Gay. It's a perfect fit salary wise, but truthfully I don't think it works for either team. The Clippers wouldn't want the long term salary hit with new deals for Griffin and Paul coming up, and the Grizzlies would want to get younger in this trade, not older. It does little for Memphis beyond saving some money in the long term, though Mo would actually be a good fit for them if Mayo isn't back, providing scoring off the bench and backing up Conley.

Regardless, it doesn't compete with Derrick Williams and the 18 pick.

Amar (AllThatJazzBasketball), SLC Dunk:

I'm not an armchair GM, so I never know how to do these things . . .


Jazz get: Gay, Josh Selby
Grizz get: Paul Millsap, Raja Bell, Earl Watson

Throw in some picks back Utah's way and Grizz get a lot better. (Bell/Watson/Millsap all expiring deals)

If I wanted to make a homer trade, I'd try to pawn off Al Jefferson, but you guys don't need another inside-only presence.You guys get cap flexibility and a leader for your bench who can score 20 points if need be and defend. Jazz get a super expensive athletic three who has deep-ish range and can drive.

Mike Prada, Bullets Forever:

Wiz trade: Rashard Lewis' deal that can be bought out, Jan Vesely, Trevor Booker
Grizz trade: Gay, Dante Cunningham

Michael Levin, Liberty Ballers:

The Sixers would probably want him for a package around Iguodala since Gay isn't very good and has three fat years left on his deal -- basically the perfect trade for the Sixers brain farts. That would be terrible.

Jordan Sams, Liberty Ballers:

We'll get you the rights to Speezy Sez and Jodie Meeks dad for Rudy Gay and Matt Moore.

Michael Levin: No way do I trade Orestes Meeks under any circumstance.

J.R. Wilco, Pounding The Rock:

Doesn't matter who the Spurs gave up for him, Pop would only let him stand in the corner and shoot threes his first year. Maybe his first two.

Frank Madden, Brew Hoop:

Paying $54 million to a non-star like Gay just isn't appealing in my $9-10 million per season he'd be reasonably attractive, though in general I'd say low-efficiency scoring wings just aren't my bag. So I wouldn't want to give up any actual assets for Gay, though I'm sure the Grizzlies can get something useful for him elsewhere.

I think the most logical trading partners would be teams desperate for a volume scorer who also have a ton of cap space that they won't otherwise be able to use effectively (note: virtually all teams with a ton of cap space can't use it effectively). Conrad and I were tweeting about this yesterday and I'd say Cleveland would make more sense than most, though if I were them I wouldn't give up a lottery pick. I'm not sure Harrison Barnes will ever be as good as Gay, but at 1/5 the cost that's OK.

I think Frank's right about the kind of team that would want Gay. Small-market, with cap space, but without much to do with it. It's also worth noting that any deal for Gay must include significant future cap savings for the Grizzlies, who are looking at a $63 million payroll for just four players in 2013-14, when the higher tax penalties kick in.

In no particular order, the teams that I think fit the bill:

1. Charlotte
2. Cleveland
3. Minnesota
4. Brooklyn
5. New Orleans
6. Phoenix
7. Sacramento
8. Toronto
9. Washington

Not saying each team would actually be interested, but those are the kind of clubs that make sense money-wise. I could also see Dallas if they strike out on everyone else this summer.

I'll give you Anderson Varejao and the protected pick we get from Sacramento eventually. Rudy Gay doesn't really fit what the Cavs need in terms of rebuilding for the future.

The Magic are capped out with no trade assets. Unless Memphis wants Hedo Turkoglu and Quentin Richardson for Gay, then it's impossible.

Sounds like the Raptors are definitely interested based on a number of recent reports, including Chad Ford's chat this afternoon.

He threw out the Raps first pick in this draft (8th overall), Ed Davis and Jose Calderon for Gay so I'll go there first.

But a second option would be Davis, Calderon and DeMar DeRozan for Gay.

Or perhaps subbing Bargnani in for Jose?

Consensus from Suns writers is best summed up by Jim: "$17 million next year for a player that has never made an all-star team is some serious coin...."

So basically, Warrick and Childress' crap contract for Gay's bloated one. Still a money-saver for Grizz.

Of course, that will probably mean the Suns FO will offer Dudley and Gortat so they can try and convince fans that they got a STAR! Also, Grant Hill says it's not cool to use "gay" as a pejorative. So, there's that.

I want to make an offer for Gay, but the Blazers are in a bind here. They need another scorer badly but there's no way in heck they take on that kind of salary. Plus LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay take on echoes of being Knicks Forwards West, just with less star power. (Though Aldridge may provide better defense than Amare, maybe that balances things in the battle of the chronic 8th seeds.) The ONLY permutation I can see that makes any sense is using a re-signed Nicolas Batum at around $10 million per year plus Shawne Williams, who is non-functional and carries a single-year deal at $3 million. That would make the salaries match. The Grizz would only save $3 million this year and $6 million overall though.

Also the Blazers would only do this if they could use their cap space signing other free agents or making other imbalanced trades first, using Batum's Bird Rights to sign-and-trade him. Unfortunately that makes him a BYC player, so we're going to have to find somebody else on this list to take on $5 million in salary for free. Even more unfortunately, the only players the Blazers could trade to make that $5 million would be a combination of Kurt Thomas, Luke Babbitt, and Nolan Smith. Even if someone wanted those spare parts (and Portland didn't) that makes this a 5-for-1 deal for Gay with a Restricted Free Agent agreeing to a sign-and-trade with some BYC thrown in and Memphis not getting that much cap savings. I think the likelihood of that is roughly the same as that of Blazer fans being really, really happy for the Thunder that Kevin Durant just led them to the NBA Finals.

The Kings are a sweet spot team in this discussion, with cap space to burn, a desperate need for a small forward and some groovy assets. The Kings have $12 million in space, without accounting for its own free agents. Since Gay is due $16 million next season, something like John Salmons or Francisco Garcia plus the team's No. 5 pick for Gay would work by the books. Would it work for the Kings, who claim to be ready to rise and to have interest in a veteran (see: Salmons)? That seems unlikely given the strength of the draft; they stand a chance at landing Harrison Barnes, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Thomas Robinson. Those guys on rookie contracts help you a lot more than Gay nearly maxed out.


So there we have it. Some interesting proposals there, though it's a shame we have no shot at getting Orestes Meeks. Oh well.

Let me know what you guys think, and who you think we should seriously consider.

I think the Timberwolves deal is interesting, as well as the Raptors deal. Those two are certainly ones that I would imagine the Grizzlies would explore.

If the Kings would seriously consider moving the pick and a veteran, in order to take back Gay's salary, I do think there's a deal to be had there as well.

The Wizards might have a sleeper deal in there. They have some nice assets to send over, and I do think there's something to getting out of Lewis' contract and getting a few young assets in order to free up space. Something I haven't thought about, but now as Prada proposed it, might be interesting.

Also, the Clippers deal would actually help the Grizzlies, though I don't think the money is a match on either sides.

Grizzlies fans, what do you guys think?