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Grizzlies Owner: "We're Not Looking to Trade Rudy Gay"


You knew this was coming. Once the Rudy Gay trade rumors started to heat up, of course Grizzlies management would try to silence the noise. It's Front Office 101. Remember what happened with Pau Gasol over the past year-plus? How many times was he traded or almost traded, only to have the deal fall through, which meant the Lakers had to bring him back and be like, "Muh bad, we were just playing."

Heck, look at what we had to do with O.J. Mayo. "Oh, yeah, we did trade you, but the paperwork wasn't filed in time, so... what's up?"

It really comes as no surprise, with that said, to see Michael Heisley put some silence to all the noise.

Per Ron Tillery:

"We’re not looking to trade Rudy Gay," Heisley said. "We’re not shopping him around. Period. Do we sit around and say ‘What if we traded Rudy, who could we get?’ No. Right now, Rudy is part of the future of this team."


Heisley chuckled at the perception that the Griz want to dump Gay and his salary, citing past and erroneous speculation that he wouldn’t pay to keep key players.

"Our plan was always to protect the core. I’ve the core for four years," Heisley said. "If we ever decide to do something it won’t be because of salary. We’re going to build a team around this core group. We understand Rudy’s salary. We understood it when we gave it to him. We’re not looking to cut salary. We’re looking to try and win a championship."

Just as expected.

What happens if you make it known that you're trying to trade Rudy Gay? Well, two things happen. One, you play your hand by letting other teams know that your actively shopping him, as opposed to acting as if you're doing them some sort of favor by entertaining the idea. Part one isn't really much more than a little posturing that really doesn't mean all that much, but the second thing it does, as I mentioned above, is it makes Rudy think that he's expendable. And if they can't move him, well, they have to bring him back and make things right. He certainly is expendable, in a word, but we can't let him know that he's not... wanted?

So, yes, Rudy is on the trading block because, well, about 90 percent of the league is. But Heisley does the "right thing" by trying to silence the noise.