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Report: Grizzlies Offer Ray Allen Full Mid-Level Exception for Two Years

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ESPN's Chris Broussard is reporting that the Memphis Grizzlies have offered Ray Allen the full mid-level exception, which stands at $5 million per season, for two years. This was expected, and we were all supposed to get excited about the prospect of Allen choosing between the Grizzlies at $5 million per and the Miami Heat at $3 million per, until...

So, great, now the Celtics are once again players in this and offering him more money -- at least that's what's thought to happen. Welp, good luck competing with the Celtics there.

Look, the Celtics haven't officially made an offer, so anything is possible, but the good news here is that the Grizzlies have made the offer and if Allen does turn it down at least we're seeing them take steps in spending cash to make this team better. So, there's that!