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Report: Grizzlies to Meet With Bill Walker in Las Vegas

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According to HoopsHype, the Grizzlies are scheduled to meet with former Knicks and Celtics wing Bill Walker in Las Vegas. Oh, fun.

Sure, Walker is a pretty decent shooter -- 1.1 threes per game on 31% shooter in 19 minutes last season -- but he's, well, just that: decent. I would much rather them spend their money and use their efforts trying to bring in a legitimate shooter. Walker is a better slasher than he is 3-point threat. I just don't... get the interest here.

Walker was once a highly-touted prospect out of high school, but a ruptured ACL really set him back and turned him into a mediocre basketball player, at best.

The fun storyline here, however, is that he was high school teammates with O.J. Mayo. So, there's that. But in reality this seems like the wrong move. And it only goes to show that the Grizzlies probably should have used cash to by into the second round of the NBA Draft and pull in 3-point specialists like a Kim English.

Now, though, we're stuck with the underwhelming prospect of seeing Bill Walker make 33% of his 3-point attempts. Yup, fun.