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Report: Phoenix Suns Looking Hard at O.J. Mayo


According to reports, the Phoenix Suns are expected to make a run at O.J. Mayo if/when the New Orleans Hornets match the offer sheet Eric Gordon signed with the Suns.

The Suns made it obvious that their number one target in free agency was New Orleans guard Eric Gordon, but with the Hornets set to match it may be time for option two.

And that, according to ESPN NBA insider Marc Stein, is Memphis guard O.J. Mayo.

Really, the options for Mayo seem to be drying up. The Suns make a ton of sense, especially if/when they lose Gordon. They're a team in desperate need of, well, players. But more importantly in desperate need of scorers. Mayo will be able to join the Suns and most likely slot into the starting 2-guard position, something he's so desperately wanted for years now.

Other teams in the mix for Mayo seem to be the Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers and possible the Dallas Mavericks. I still think the Suns are the best match, especially if he's looking to log serious minutes.