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Hamed Haddadi Rumors: Nothing But Pure Speculation


It seems a little strange to me that we have heard nothing about Hamed Haddadi and where he might end up this summer. I mean, nothing. There have been no rumors whatsoever. All we have are posts written by bloggers and beaters "suggesting" that their team take a look at Haddadi or maybe speculating that he may or may not be on a certain team's short list.

But for the most part it's been merely message board fodder. Something like...

"Hey, our team needs a 7-footer and Hamed Haddadi is still available..."

As for the prospects of him possibly returning to Memphis, that doesn't seem likely. Not after they re-signed both Marreese Speights and Darrell Arthur. The Grizzlies are already at $74 million in payroll for this season, with a $4 million tax penalty now owed. They have 13 players with guaranteed contracts and while it is possible that they'll carry a 14th, we're not even hearing a peep come from within the organization about their desire to sign Haddadi.

In fact, it almost seems like they're waiting out to see if any of these Summer League bigs work out. Ricky Sanchez, maybe? John Kreft? Courtney Sims?

The fact that it's July 13 and we still have absolutely nothing to report on Haddadi makes me think that he's not going to be with the Grizzlies next summer. It's a shame because he is such a fan favorite, but if you're Chris Wallace and you think your team is better served with someone else, well, sometimes you have to just simply move on.

I don't know about you guys, but I still remain on #TeamHaddadi!