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O.J. Mayo Wants $10 Million Per Season; So... How U?

$10 million per season? Don't hold your breath.
$10 million per season? Don't hold your breath.

According to a report this weekend, it appears as if O.J. Mayo asked the Phoenix Suns for $10 million per season. Which, as we know, is well-above what the Grizzlies would have offered him to stay in Memphis.

Now, naturally the Suns aren't going to give Mayo $10 million per season, as much as they would actually like to sign him. It's just a wonder, though, where did he come up with that figure and who, if anyone, is willing to pay him anywhere close to $10 million?

We know that there are a few teams rumored to be interested in Mayo, including the Suns, Pacers (though that noise has died down), the Celtics and even the Bulls. But, again, none of those teams have the space to pay him anywhere near his desired figure. You can't blame a man for wanting to get paid, but I think he may have miscalculated a few things here. Especially when you consider that the Suns are trying to decide between Mayo and Courtney Lee, who won't demand nearly as much per season.

At this point, I just don't see any way he gets close to $10 million. I had predicted at one point that a team would "over-spend" and pay him $7-8 million per season, but even now that's seeming less likely as the open cap space continues to fill up. (Note: My prediction was that the Brooklyn Nets would sign him, but that was before they went all-in on Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace.)

It'll certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.