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Report: Grizzlies Looking to Move Jeremy Pargo


Well, that didn't take too long at all. It appears as if the Grizzlies wanted to get a look at Josh Selby in the Summer League before deciding what to do with Jeremy Pargo, and according to reports, it seems as if they are pleased with his 20-point performance against the Kicks. So pleased, in fact, that they've essentially made up their mind and decided to part ways with Pargo.

According to Ron Tillery:

re: Pargo. Agent Mark Bartelstein tells CA he's working with GM Chris Wallace on finding best opportunity. Didn't rule out trade or waiver.

So what can the Grizzlies get for Pargo? Well, great question. They can get .... Nothing. No one. He has no trade value. I mean, maybe a future second-round draft pick? Possibly?

It would seem as if the Grizzlies are more likely to waive Pargo, probably sometime later in the week. Yeah, you can let him play another SL game, see if he can improve on his trade value, but I still don't think we're going to get much of anything in a trade for him.

Again, the story here is that they seem pleased with what they've seen from Selby and, I suppose, Tony Wroten. Which is great news -- seeing as they just dominated the Knicks on Saturday. The other "maybe" story, though, is that this may mean they'll have room to bring in another big? Hamed Haddadi, anyone?