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An Open Forum: Happy Jeremy Lin Decision Day!


It's likely that you'll forever remember where you were when you found out whether or not the New York Knicks decided to match Jeremy Lin's "poison pill" contract or let him walk to the Houston Rockets. I mean, some things you'll just never forget!

Well, at least that's what it feels like, as the world awaits a decision from the New York Knicks who, according to sources will not mach the contract, while anonymous sources are reporting that they will match and try and trade Lin in his third and most poisonous year of his contract.


Now, you're probably wondering why we're even bothering writing about Lin and his decision. Well, it does have something to do with the Grizzlies in that if he does end up in Houston he does become property of the Southwest Division. Not that this is akin to the Rockets getting Dwight Howard, but I figured it was important nonetheless.

So, have at it, Grizzlies fans. Are you even "worried" in the slightest about Lin playing in our division or are you not sold on the hype?