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Grizzlies GM Has 'No Regrets' Letting O.J. Mayo Walk


Yesterday on the Chris Vernon radio show, Grizzlies' GM Chris Wallace was a guest to talk, amongst other things, the latest Grizzlies moves -- on not-yet-moves, in regards to the Wayne Ellington deal.

Vernon asked Wallace about the O.J. Mayo deal with the Dallas Mavericks, which is far less than his desired $10 million per season asking price, and he pointedly asked him if -- had he known they could have had Mayo at the suspected $4 million-ish per season range -- does he "regret" not coming at Mayo with a like figure.

Wallace responded: NO.

The team has no regrets in letting Mayo walk at around $4 million per season, and you know what, I don't blame them.

With Mayo it never really was about the money, it was more about the fit. He just didn't fit on this team, not with Lionel Hollins calling the shots. Even if Mayo were willing to re-sign here at $4 million, which he wasn't, I still don't think the Grizzlies should have or would have pursued.

You can talk all you want about how important he was to the team, and about what he meant to the franchise, but I still think the best course of action was to let him walk. Now, can you argue that the team should have tried to get something in return for Mayo -- via sign and trade? Sure, you can make that argument.

Still, I'm with Wallace here. No regrets on letting Mayo walk, no matter the cost. It was time. He needed a fresh start and we needed to explore our options. And wouldn't you know, it seems as if Josh Selby might be ready to take the lead here.


Best of luck to Mayo with the Dallas Mavericks, but I don't think many of us are going to look back and regret not signing him.