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Hasheem Thabeet Likely to Sign With the Oklahoma City Thunder


Well, this could turn into the worst possible scenario ever. Or, it could be quite comical. As Grizzlies fans we hope for the latter.

According to Sam Amick of, it appears as if our old friend Hasheem Thabeet is likely to land with the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer. Well wouldn't that be a kick in the ass if he goes to OKC and actually turns into a real player? And wouldn't you love to see us have to go through him in the Western Conference Finals, or better yet, wouldn't it be funny if he won a ring Eddy Curry-style -- by, well, sitting on the bench in street clothes?

The possibilities are endless! I mean, look, it's not as if I'm hoping for the worst for his career, it's just that of all the teams he has to go to, of course it's going to be the Oklahoma City Thunder. And of course he's going to turn into a real value player. And when we give Houston our first-round draft pick next year -- the one we had to give them in the Thabeet/Shane Battier deal -- and Thabeet is donning a brand new NBA Finals championship ring, it's going to hurt even more.