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Report: Andre Miller to Sign 3-Year Deal With the Nuggets


Strike another player off our short list of free agent targets, as Andre Miller has agreed on a 3-year deal to re-sign with the Denver Nuggets.

As reported, the Grizzlies were looking at Miller as a possible backup to Mike Conley. I, for one, however, wasn't too keen on the idea, if only because he's not much of an outside shooter and, well, that's our top priority. We just can't afford to sign a backup point guard who has hit just 156 3-pointers in over 35,000 career minutes played. Can you imagine the lack of spacing in a Andre Miller-Tony Wroten backcourt? Yikes.

So, while I do like Miller as a player, in the right situation, he just didn't seem to me to be a good fit for the Grizzlies. Which is why I'm OK that he signed with the Nuggets.

Now, it seems as if Kirk Hinrich becomes our top target... until he signs with the Bulls.

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